Our wayfinding signage solutions enables staff and visitors alike to to navigate their way around your premises with ease.

Internal wayfinding has been studied and developed to streamline the way in which indoor areas are orientated. Colour coding, internal maps, directories and cluster signage within indoor spaces are the most effective way of helping your clients, visitors, staff and students to make their own way around a building.

In order to provide an effective wayfinding system, a thorough understanding of the building layout, the purpose and function of the building and your target visitors is essential. We will visit your premises and carry out a comprehensive site survey , meeting with you to discuss the best methods and signage solutions appropriate to your building and company.

Wall graphics – wayfindings

Wooden wayfinding

Vinyl wall wayfindings directly applied to painted drywall provide a clean and contemporary way of labeling small and large spaces.Functionality always comes first however. Architects and designers of schools, hospitals, offices or hospitality are all looking to ensure their users can navigate their spaces efficiently.

We can design, manufacture and fabricate wooden wayfinding signage and finger posts for virtually any requirement and have developed unique skills in combining different manufacturing techniques and use of different woods to produce truly unique signs for our clients.

Floor directional graphics

Acrylic wayfinding signage

Floor graphics are a highly effective marketing tactic that are ideal for areas, such as shopping centres, airports, grocery stores and sporting events.Our custom floor graphics are available in a range of sizes and shapes, simply let us know your requirements and we’ll set to work on creating them.

Acrylic wayfinding signage is versatile and multipurpose, it can be used on the likes of plaques and lettering.These wayfindings are a great way to display your brand name in a highly legible way. Acrylic provides that smooth and clear finish.